How To Potty Train Your Dog In 7 Days

She asked me about an article I wrote on how to potty train your dog in 7 days. She wanted to know if it was true or not… and it is, but you must know the secrets that I’m about to reveal to you, here.  But first: Why 7 days?  I’m not exactly sure.  Not six days? Or eight days?  I think somebody wrote a book that said you can potty train a dog in 7 days, and it’s true: You can.  Although the techniques in that book are incomplete.  Here’s what you really need to know:

How To Potty Train Your Dog In 7 Days

For an adult dog: Do not feed the recommended ration that’s printed on the back of the bag.  It’s usually too much.  Talk with your breeder or go online and ask how much other owners of the same breed (or a similar breed) are feeding.  It’s usually a lot less than what’s printed on the back of the bag.

Stop feeding your dog so many times a day:  Feed twice a day, morning and evening.  Put the food down for five minutes.  If it’s not gone in five minutes, then pick it up and throw it away.  Your dog will learn to eat when it’s meal time.  Getting your dog’s digestive system on a regular time table will also go a long way in creating predictability as to when he’ll need to eliminate.

How To Potty Train Your Dog In 7 Days

Next, take your dog outside to eliminate immediately after feedings.  Did he defecate and urinate?  Good, then praise him (physical touch + verbal praise).  If he didn’t, then bring him back inside and either put him in a kennel crate or watch him like a hawk!  If you see him begin to circle, smell the ground, or get exciteable… then run him outside.

Want To Know How To Potty Train Your Dog In 7 Days?
How About In 3 Days?

If you want to really turbo charge your efforts and potty train your dog in 3 days, then you must know the secret: Put a training collar and leash (or tab– a short leash) on your dog and learn how to give a fair, humane, motivational correction.  This creates a very clear contrast for your dog between eliminating in the house (“feels uncomfortable, because I’m being corrected”) and eliminating outside (“feels great because I’m not being interrupted… and I get praised for it!”).  So, now you’ll have my, “Three Keys To Successful Behavior Modification” working for you: Timing, Consistency and Motivation … which I explain in more detail in my book, Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!

How Long Does It Take
To Potty Train A Puppy?

Everyone wants to know how long it takes to potty train a puppy.  In contrast to an adult dog (a year of age or older) … or  an adolescent dog (4 months to a year) … the amount of time it takes to potty train a puppy depends on the individual puppy and how good a job the breeder did, up to eight weeks of age.  If your breeder was smart, then he or she planned to have the litter on the ground during the warm summer months, when the puppies could be outside and get conditioned to eliminate on the grass, rather than inside on linoleum or on concrete.  Another substitute is to have  the puppy runs elevated on redwood slats, so that the urine and feces can drain through so that the puppy never learns to get comfortable sitting in his own mess.

If you’ve got a puppy from a breeder like the one I’ve just described, then congratulations: You should be able to potty train your puppy in record time.  In fact, up to four months of age, your puppy may experience only one or two urination accidents and possibly no defecation accidents, if you’re really on top of the program.  Realistically, no dog should be unsupervised until the dog is eighteen months– so get used to using the place command, the down command, or putting your dog in a kennel-crate or dog run when you cannot supervise him.

Dog Potty Training Tips

  1. Never leave your dog unsupervised until you are 100% sure he is housebroken.
  2. Put your dog in the crate or a kennel run when you cannot supervise; The crate is like a crib for a baby and it will bring out your dog’s den instrinct.  Do you think a crate is cruel?  Get over it.  Introduce the crate properly to your dog and I can guarantee that your dog will absolutely love it, after two weeks.  And if your dog ever needs to spend the night at your local veterinarians, guess what: He’s going to be sleeping in a crate or a small kennel run.  Using the crate will also make traveling with your dog safe an easy.
  3. Praise your dog when he eliminates outside
  4. Correct your dog with the tab, if he eliminates inside.
  5. Clean up any accidents with an enzymatic cleaner
  6. Take your dog to the same spot outside and repeat the command, “Get busy!” Get busy!” until he finishes.  Using an “elimination command” is a clear way to easily tell your dog when and where he’s allowed to eliminate.

Puppy Potty Training Tips

In addition to what’s been described above (all of the same tips for housebreaking an adult dog, pretty much apply to a puppy) … one of the best tips you’ll ever find is to buy a wire puppy enclosure that you can put outside.  Your puppy can then be outside for longer periods of time without getting into trouble, yet all the while learning to eliminate outside.

House Training Your Puppy

One of the big differences between house training a puppy and house training an adult dog is that for most puppies, you won’t need to use the tab and training collar.  Simply interrupting an accident by saying firmly, “No! No! No!” and then rushing the puppy outside will be motivational enough.

How Do You Potty Train A Puppy

The main thing to understand about potty training a puppy is that the core of your efforts should be focused on establishing a strict feeding and watering schedule.  Do not free feed or allow your puppy to have free access to water, because he’ll need to eliminate either immediately afterwards or twenty minutes later.  By having a strict schedule, potty training a puppy become much easier because you can anticipate when he needs to eliminate and set him up for success!

At What Age Should
A Puppy Be
 Potty Trained

Potty training a puppy begins the minute you bring him into the house.  Do not wait; Do not buy “puppy pads” (which only teach your dog that it’s okay to eliminate in the house).  Start immediately, as the sooner you begin, the sooner your dog will be 100%.

How To House Train Your Dog In 7 Days

The truth is: I’ve adopted adult dogs with a history of of having housebreaking issues, and got them housebroken in one day.  In fact, I’ve had a couple dogs that only needed one correction, and they immediately understood.  These were exceptional dogs, though.  Most dogs will need a period of trial and error, as dogs learn through experience.  But for an adult dog, 3 to 7 days is not uncommon.  However– just because the  dog doesn’t have an accident does not mean he’s ready to be left unsupervised.  Stick with the guidelines I’ve outlined above for the first six+ months you’ve had your new dog, just to be 100% safe.

Here’s a brief video I did that talks about how to potty train your dog in 7 days.