How To Rescue Your Lawn From Your Dog

Readers frequently ask what they can do to save their lawns from the burn spots created when their dog urinates.

Last week, I stumbled across two products from a company called Millennium Lawns. Dogonit, which was developed to be used on lawns that have already been burned. And G-Whiz, a neutralizer and preventative for lawns that haven’t yet been burned, or have been recently repaired.

I don’t personally have a problem with burn spots (I don’t have a lawn)… so I don’t have any first hand experience with this product. But since it’s such a pressing issue for so many dog owners (and home owners) I thought I’d gather this information for you:

Millennium Lawns is a company that was incorporated in 1995 to capitalize on the growing awareness of the dangers that lawn chemicals and synthetic high-salt fertilizers pose to the environment and to the health of children, pets and wildlife. Through extensive research, Millennium Lawns developed its liquid lawn fertilizer using cutting edge enzyme technology that effectively competes with synthetic fertilizers and chemicals.

This technology makes organic-based low salt nutrients available in a pre-digested form and readily assimilated by grass plants. The results are overwhelming and in effect greatly reduce the need to apply synthetic nutrients and chemicals for grass growth and maintenance. The problems caused by the over application of chemical-based products are in effect also eliminated.

Since many homeowners also have pets and are concerned with the overuse of chemicals, Millennium Lawns became aware of another major problem, that of dog urine burns in lawns, and offensive waste/urine odors.

Q. What causes the urine to burn the lawn?

A. Application of urine, which contains ammonia (a salt) and is generally very acidic, to a localized area will burn or dehydrate the leaves, causing the plant to discolor and eventually die. Continual build-up of salts in the soil becomes toxic to the plant.

Q. What is in Dogonit?

A. Dogonit contains organic complexes and enzymes.

Q. How did you get into the business of curing dog urine burns?

A. We market organic based products and our customers had an incidence of dog urine burns in their lawns. We are problem solvers and saw an opportunity to solve this problem with an organic based additive.

Q. How does Dogonit work?

A. Dogonit contains an ingredient that will loosen the soil and allow the soil salts to be disbursed into a greater volume of soil, allowing the roots to spread and fill into the damaged area.

Q. What do the enzymes do?

A. The enzymes digest urea and release the nutrient to the soil. Urea and uric acid, which are found in the dog urine, are converted to usable nutrients by the enzymes.

Q. Will Dogonit actually prevent burns from occurring?

A. If the dog urine spot is treated soon enough after urination, yes. Dogonit will prevent the burn. “Soon enough” can be immediately after urination or as the urine spot starts to yellow.

Q. Does the dog need to stay off the treated areas?

A. No, Dogonit is totally safe and does not contain any toxic ingredients. Repeated urination on the same spot will require more applications to cure the lawn. For total control, the company recommends using G-Whiz Neutralizer which will neutralize urea nitrogen inside the dog and prevent future burns.

Q. How long does it take to heal a lawn?

A. The lawn heals itself through new growth; the time required will vary according to the growth rate of the grass, weather conditions, and cultivation practices (watering & mowing). Minimum of 2 to 4 weeks.

Q. Does Dogonit contain any fertilizer ingredients?

A. No. Dogonit is designed to work with the available soil nutrients.

Q. Will Dogonit regenerate the dead grass areas?

A. Dogonit is most effective on newer spots. On areas that are burned to the crown of the plant, we recommend reseeding.

Q. How do you mix the concentrate?

A. The easiest way is to pour the quart of concentrate into a clean empty gallon jug and fill with water. Use this solution to fill your trigger spray bottle as needed. If you mix the 24oz. trigger spray bottle, pour 6oz. of concentrate into the bottle and fill with water. It is not necessary to be 100% accurate, since you are using additional water later on to water the Dogonit in. All the instructions will be found on the label. Always read the label.

Q. Does Dogonit have to be watered after application?

A. Yes, in order to disperse the urine into the soil, water must be applied on a regular basis.

Q. Do you have to reapply Dogonit?

A. The reapplication of Dogonit at its recommended schedule helps the spots and keeps them from reoccurring.

Q. Is Dogonit biodegradable?

A. Yes, there is no negative residue effect in the soil.

Q. What kind of dogs cause urine spots?

A. In most cases, urine spots are caused by female dogs or puppies, male dogs rarely urinate in the same location.

Q. How do you use the diluted Dogonit?

A. Spray enough Dogonit to completely wet the spot or area and flush with water. Repeat the procedure in 5-7 days.

Q. What happens if the dog urinates in the same spot again?

A. Dogonit is a soil treatment that will have a residual effect in the soil for about 2-3 weeks. Continual urination on the same area will cause burning, but not as severe. Best approach is to use G-Whiz Neutralizer in the pet’s food or water.

Q. Does Dogonit work on all damaged areas of the lawn?

A. If the damage is due to salt such as road salt, Dogonit may help heal the area. If the damage is due to insects or disease, Dogonit will not cure the problem.

Q. What is the difference between a small spot and large spot?

A. Small spot is generally less than 4 inches in diameter. A large spot is over 4-8 inches in diameter.

Q. Why should you use Dogonit?

A. If continued urination by your dog is not remedied, the grass will eventually die and require seeding.

Dogonit works to prevent damage and assists in recovery. You should be able to get these products at your local pet store or garden center. If not, you can call the company at 1-877-364-6648 for availability.