How To Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash DVD

Here’s How To Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash, In Only Minutes!

You’ll Be Walking Your Dog On A Loose Leash
In Less Than ONE Hour After Watching This Video…

Loose Leash - Before looseleash2

“Before” Shot from video.  And “After” only 5 minutes later…

How To Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash! — DVD

The footage on this DVD will absolutely blow your mind!  You will see me working with all kinds of dogs that have never been trained before.  And in only minutes, you will see them go from virtual sled dogs– pulling and lunging at the end of the leash— to well behaved, happy dogs who walk along as if they’ve had years of training!  These techniques are so amazing that in less than one-hour after you watch this DVD your dog will never pull again.

Teach Any Dog To Walk On A Loose Leash “For A Limited Time” At $24.95…

This dvd is being sold for a limited time and is available for the low investment of only $24.95.


I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me how well-behaved your dog is, and what you plan on doing with him, now that you can take him anywhere and know that he’ll listen to you. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail… keep the letters coming!  I love to hear your success stories!

— Adam G. Katz
Master Dog Trainer & Inventor of the $10,000 Dog Trainer Challenge

P.S. That’s all there is to it… your DVDs will be shipped within 24 hours of the next business day.  And after that, you’ll be further along your way to owning the dog of your dreams!  Plus, you can order with confidence knowing that you’re well on your way to having a dog that never pulls on the leash, again.

P.P.S. A very popular question from our clients outside the United States is “will these ‘Dog Training Secrets’ work on dogs that have been bred outside the US (i.e. UK, Europe, Australia)?” This is a valid question. I have many clients outside of the US.   And yes, these techniques work on ALL dogs, regardless of breeding or background.  (DVDs comes only in standard U.S. format).