How to Use the Holidays to Improve Your Dog’s Training

Are you stressed about people coming over to your house for the holidays and your dog not behaving? Take advantage of this opportunity and use it to improve your dog’s performance. Many visitors means that your dog will be confronted with many distractions.

With my approach to dog training, new and different distractions are a welcome occurence. It means that you’ll get to proof your dog around all kinds of things that aren’t part of his normal routine. (Or part of your regular training regimen). Remember: Always let your dog make the decision: If he makes the right decision, then he gets all the praise in the world. IF he makes the wrong decision, he gets a correction (not punishment) … and then the change to make the decision again.

For example: “Lay down and stay,” … When Uncle Bernie comes in the house, it’s not the dog’s decision to stay down (as you commanded) or get up and be rude. Well, if your dog makes the right decision– then he gets nothing BUT PRAISE!!!! If he makes the wrong decision, he immediately gets corrected and put back into the down decision, and then is allowed to make his decision again.