Is Dog Whispering The Best Method? A Lot Depends On Your Dog Too

Hi Adam,

I ordered your book and love your training methods.

I totally agree about the editing of the Dog Whisperer show.  I was browsing looking for new stuff about him and the show and ran into several anti Cesar websites pretty much saying he is inhuman and abusive.  One particular site was just aggravating.  I don’t know if you saw the episode of I can’t remember if it was a wolf hybrid or a husky type of breed.  It was handler aggressive on the walk and Cesar had his shirt torn because the dog kept biting it.  Also the dog I think was taller than Cesar when on two feet.  Well, this forum was of course pretty much a positive only forum and they were just hammering him on how he should be using treats to redirect the dog and posted the video on this particular segment and how the dog’s tongue was turning blue (which it wasn’t) and how he almost killed the dog, lol.

I am very open to different ways of training, I think a lot depends on your dog too.  I tried the treat training and found with my male dog that if I don’t have a treat, he didn’t listen.  I always  come back to your style of training.  I want my dog to respect me, not the treats.  Just from Cesar’s show alone I have improved all of my dogs by at least 80%.  I can pretty much go anywhere and I get compliments on their behavior.  I like that I ran into your site because this will help me add to what I have done and have a better understanding on improving my dogs and my handling skills.  The secrets book is amazing and something I will always keep and use for future dogs.