Is It Dangerous To Adopt An Adult Doberman?

Rhiaanon posted a comment on one of my Youtube videos:

“I had a doberman puppy some years ago. I am looking to get another doberman. However, I am considering adopting an adult. Would it be okay to adopt this particular breed at an adult age?  Thank you for any advice!”

adopting a doberman

Dear Rhiaaaaaanon:

No.  They are a dangerous breed.  Their brains grow too big for their head, and they “turn” on their owners.  If you get two or more of them together, they will form their own gang and start robbing banks, ala that Disney movie in the 70’s.


Okay– all joking, aside: They are a fine breed.  In fact, they’re one of the most intelligent of breeds.  The only caveat about this breed is that they are prone to a lot of health problems.  More than average, that is.


I would recommend having your local veterinarian do a full blood work-up and health-check, before committing to the adoption of the dog you’re considering.