Is Your Dog Eating Grass?

What does it mean if you see your dog eating grass? There are two main reasons why your dog will be eating grass.

The first reason is to help it to enduce vomiting. It will be doing this to get rid of something that it has eaten that is unpleasant or dangerous.

Dogs do not have the ability to digest grass due to a lack of the necessary enzymes that are required for grass digestion. By eating grass the dog knows that it will bind with the offending food and when it vomits the food will be dispelled from it’s system.

This is a natural instinct that the dog has, to protect itself from poisoning or foods that can make it feel ill. Dogs instinctively know what type of grass to eat for this process of elimination. As they cannot digest the grass there is no alternative other than to bring the grass up which will clear out it’s stomach of any unpleasant matter that is making it feel ill.

Grass also contains other vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can assist in the relief of pain and the treatment of infections, which is another reason why your dog might be eating grass. Another likely scenario why a dog will be eating grass is to aid in the digestion of food.

Certain grasses will help in the digestion process and the dog instinctively knows what grass is needed for this. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you haven’t recently sprayed the grass with herbicides or poison that could do your dog more harm than good.   


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