Is Your Dog Ever a Pain in the Neck

Do you ever experience those moments when your dog is a proverbial, “Pain in the neck”? Maybe you’re sitting at your desk, and your dog won’t stop shoving his head into your lap and demanding attention? Or maybe she’s just restless for whatever reason.Or feeling needy? Well, there’s really three things you can do:

#1: You can put the dog in the kennel/crate. Just because your dog is demanding attention, doesn’t mean that he’s always going to get it. Remember: You’re the Alpha dog. You’re the pack leader.

If you let your dog decide when to play, you’re communicating an important lesson: That you’re NOT the pack leader, and you DON’T make the decisions. I recommend putting the dog in the crate when you’re sure that your dog has already been exercised, played with, and given attention.In other words: When you know his demand for attention is a dominance ruse.

#2: Put the dog into a formal “down-stay.” Even though your dog won’t be actively doing something, he will be inactively concentrating (and becoming conditioned) to hold the “down-stay” for longer and longer periods of time.

How long can you expect your dog to hold a “down-stay” exercise for, while you’re in the same room? How about 2-3 hours! Don’t believe me? I have a drawer full of testimonials from readers of my books and dvds who regularly have their dogs hold the “down-stay” while they watch t.v., drink coffee, wash the dishes, work on the computer, etc&

#3: Even better than #1 and #2, you can use your dog’s restless mood to practice active obedience exercises. Channel her need for attention into something positive. You’d be surprised at how just 10 minutes of working your dog through the various obedience routines (sit, down, heel, come, stay) can “wear your dog out,” mentally. Then, finish up with a good 20 minute (or more!) “down-stay” exercise while you’re going about your household chores.