Is Your Golden Retriever Digging and Killing The Garden?


If your garden looks like a war zone because your Golden Retriever has been attacking it, you need to concentrate on preventing these things from happening when you are not there to supervise your dog.

If you leave your dog and come home ten hours later and try to correct your dog for the hole he dug while you were gone, you are wasting your time as your correction is much too late. Instead of understanding that he is being corrected for digging, your dog is going to think he’s being corrected for you coming home.

When you are home, let your dog out for supervised runs in the backyard. When he starts to get into trouble, you can interrupt his actions and teach him what is acceptable and what is not.

The destructive dog also needs exercise, training, and play time every day to use up his energy, stimulate his mind, and spend time with you. For some unknown reason, Golden Retrievers crave fruits and greens. When you give your dog a treat, try giving him a carrot or a slice of apple.

It’s also a wise idea not to let your Golden watch you garden. If you do, he will likely come to you later with all of the bulbs he watched you plant earlier. 

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