“It’s All Greek To Me”

By Cherie –

Someone asked about My reference to Greek in my last blog entry. Well, in the past I’ve trained my dogs in both Greek and English. In fact here’s a little humorous tidbit about one of those dogs, a Keeshond named Misty. Misty knew her commands in both languages but would sometimes act as if she did not understand English, especially if my Mother was trying to call her. Misty would always obey in Greek. The puppy, whenever it finally arrives, will be taught exclusively in Greek due to my housemate’s two dogs knowing English only. It will just be less confusing for the pup. I’ve also contacted a “Sit Means Sit” trainer here locally and will be setting up a consultation meeting after the pup arrives and settles in.

If anyone is interested, with the holiday season upon us, I do make hand-crafted jewelry for people and pets. My web site is http://piscesmagick.tripod.com/