Junk Foods for Dogs

There has been a marked deterioration in the general health of dogs since the introduction of processed dog foods.

Many of these foods offer very little nutritional value but it is their convenience and the fact that they have added flavors that ensure our pets get delight in eating them that have increased the sales and popularity of this food.

Just as we might like to eat foods that contain sugar, which is detrimental to our health, our dogs also like to eat these low value foods because they taste so good. Most of the popular dog foods use by-products and are actually worse to feed our dogs than the scraps from our meal tables.

But therein lies another problem with many of the foods that we eat, unsuitable for dog consumption. Some foods, as discussed in previous newsletters can actually be toxic to dogs so we are faced with the dilemma of knowing what is the best food to feed our pets.

The best solution that many people are finding is to prepare their own dog food using only those ingredients that will enhance the health of the dog.

There are several excellent books that teach you how to prepare your own dog food that will be nutritious and also cost effective. Dogs find these foods tasty and they don’t need the added sodium, preservatives and coloring to enhance the look and taste of the food. It is well worth looking at this method to ensure your dog gets the optimum health from their food.   

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