Just Got Spayed Today

That was actually a ZZ Top song. Except when they sang it, it wasn’t “Just Got Spayed Today” … it was, “Just Got Paid Today.”


Gidget, our five month-old Belgian Malinois puppy just got spayed… last Tuesday. And it’s been a rough ride for both her, Carla and I.

The night she got home, she vomited, twice. Apparently, this is a fairly common reaction to the anesthesia.

But then she vomited again, in the morning. The whole rest of the day, she had terrible diarrhea. When evening rolled around, it seemed like she was alright. Her energy level was good and her demeanor was normal.

So, we let her sleep outside in the kennel run, because the weather was nice. In the morning, everything was covered in feces. It took us two hours to clean up.

Then we took her back to the veterinarian. She did a fecal test, and everything looked normal. Vet thinks it’s just that she has a weak stomach in general, and the stress of the surgery may have thrown everything off balance. Just to be on the safe side, she put her on an antibiotic, plus flagyl, plus something else I can’t remember, to help balance the natural bacteria levels in her stomach. Oh yeah, we also have to feed her some canned food from Science Diet that is basically a low carb doggie version of the Atkins diet.

Well, she seemed to be getting better over the past couple of days– but then tonight… we’re back to diarrhea, again. Tomorrow will be a week since she’s had the operation, and I’ll be taking in a stool sample to (hopefully) figure out what’s going on?

And this whole time, training has pretty much been on hiatus. Although I have been playing a little game with her where I have her stand in front of me, and I show her the toy and whisper either “Sit!” or “Down!” and she needs to figure out which behavior to do. Including going from the down position, into the sit position. It’s a good exercise for her right now, because it doesn’t involve any runnning or anything that might involve stress.

I’ll keep you posted on her progress.