Keep Your Dog Safe and Happy This Holiday Season By Following These Seven Simple Rules

Rule #1: Chocolate is for you, not for your dog.

Rule #2: Dog food is for dogs and people food is for people. If you give your dog cookies, candy, turkey or other holiday foods, it can cause stomach upset, allergies or in some cases– death. A quality dog food will meet all of your dog’s dietary needs.

Rule #3: Keep a training collar and leash on your dog, whenever your dog is around friends and family. Using the holidays as a training opportunity is a good way to teach your dog that he must behave, regardless of distractions.

Rule #4: Your dog doesn’t need expensive gifts to have a happy holiday. Let’s face it–we’re talking about an animal that derives pleasure from eating cat poop and rolling in dead fish. You don’t need to spend $80 on a doggie sweater, when a rawhide bone covered with peanut butter will bring your dog hours of delight.

Rule #5: Confine your dog to a crate or a kennel when you can’t supervise him. Dogs are “den animals.” They derive a sense of security and well being when they’re confined to a small, enclosed area. Think of a kennel in the same way you’d think of a baby’s play pen or crib: If your dog isn’t old enough (or responsible enough) to be left unsupervised– then put him in the crate.

Rule #6: Keep all trash containers safely closed or behind a cabinet door that your dog cannot get into.

Rule #7: Dogs are social pack animals. Include your dog in family holiday activities and your dog will be a cherished part of your family.