Man Has Shocking Success With Shock Collar Training Tips

George originally contacted me for some shock collar training tips (or what we in the industry call: a remote collar or often just an “e-collar”).

A Few Weeks Later He Sent Me This Letter
About The Shock Collar Training Tips
He Had Learned At

A few weeks later, he sent me this nice follow-up letter about what happened when he started using his new shock collar on his bulldog.

“I’m writing this letter because it’s important that dog owners who aren’t familiar with the shock collar learn that– if you use common sense and learn some basic shock collar training tips– you can get incredible results with this training tool.  In fact, there are things you can do with the shock collar that you cannot do with any other dog training equipment.  But more on that in another article.

He Learned To Teach The Down-Stay and To Be
Off-Leash In The Front Yard, All From The
Shock Collar Training Tips He Had Learned

shock collar training tipsGeorge wrote: “Just following up on my last letter regarding the e-collar use to teach the down-stay and off leash obedience in the front yard. I was able to teach my dog (a bulldog) the down-stay after two days of using the  e-collar. I corrected him twice when free roaming in the front yard off leash and he won’t even think about going in the street or running away from me just after a few corrections. At this point after a two day session he learned the down command without me having to bend over, no touch and not even having to press the nick button anymore. The e-collar I must say was well worth the money spent because the results that I am getting are so quick and reliable it is truly amazing. I had my dog on a down stay for an hour last night until I released him. I also started proofing him with food 1 foot away from him and he still stayed down. The point of this letter is really to let anyone else know that is thinking of using an e-collar, when used correctly that it is superior to any other tool I’ve used with the quickest results and with no physical contact.

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