More Information on Dog Food

More Information on Dog Food – You need to consider various different factors when feeding your dog.

You certainly wouldn’t want to be feeding a sedentary dog as much food as one that is exercising regularly or a working dog. The dog’s activity levels are very important when deciding how much to feed it.

Over-feeding will obviously lead to an overweight dog with corresponding health problems and a potential shortening of its life. Another factor that will determine what food to give your dog will be the breed of the dog. Obviously, you won’t be feeding the same quantity of food that a Doberman might eat to a miniature poodle. It is not just the size of the dog that needs to be taken into account, but also specific requirements for certain dog breeds.

If you have a pedigree dog it is wise to check with that dogs society to get more information on the types of foods that you should be feeding it. Incorrect food choice can be very detrimental to the health of your dog. If in doubt, and you are unable to find any suitable information, it is always better to stick with natural foods, meats, and a little vegetables, and always monitor the weight of your dog to see that it is not getting overweight or alternatively losing weight.

One thing that is essential with all dogs, all breeds of dogs, and all sizes of dogs, is the need for fresh water at all time. Just like humans, dogs need to remain hydrated at all times or they will become lethargic and sick. You’ll also need to give your dog, food that they can chew to assist in the cleaning of their teeth. And of course, any dog will always be happy with a nice big bone to chew on.   

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