More Thoughts on How To Use The Ball To Motivate Your Dog During Training

One of my customers sent me an e-mail this morning questioning: “I finished reading your book and I have begun to work with my dog.

One question that came up was: How do you use your dog’s ball drive in the dog obedience training process?

I just don’t think I have a clear grasp on how it can speed training along. The tape was great. I’ve listened to it a couple of times!”

Here’s How To Speed Up Your Dog Obedience Training Results
By Using Your Dog’s Ball Drive…

The ball drive doesn’t come into play so much when teaching the dog to understand the exercise. That’s where repetition is really the key factor. Instead, the ball drive should be used to “perk up” the dog’s attitude and make him do the exercise faster. So, for example, tease the dog with the ball. Get him excited. Then tell him “Down” and pop on the leash. As soon as his elbows and belly hit the ground, immediatly issue the “take a break” or “free” (release command) and throw the ball.

After a couple of times, your dog will realize that the faster he “hits the deck” in response to your command, the SOONER you’ll throw the ball and he’ll get to run and chase it! It also makes working with your dog a lot more fun and will actually blur the lines between work and play. The dog learns that he still must do the exercise, but that it’s the most fun job in the world! And that’s what training is all about!