My Dog Was Accused Of Biting – A Dog Training Letter From One Of Our Readers

“Adam, I read your article about losing one’s insurance policy and have to agree with you about discrimination. I lost my home owners [insurance] and my dog because of this.

My German Shepherd mix was accused of biting a 5 year old boy. Because he was ‘accused,’ we lost our insurance and had 10 days to get new coverage. No one would cover us as long as we had the dog. The local SPCA would not take the dog because it had a “bite record.” Sadly, the dog had to be put down.

After a year-long battle, we finally settled out of court for $50,000. (The people had been suing us for $500,000!) The sad part is that my dog was not even out on the day the child was bit, and we had a witness that was bitten the same day that said it was not our dog.

I don’t have to tell you that I am sure– to a five year old– every German Shepherd looks alike (the child only was bitten 3 miles from our house).

I wish insurance would look at the whole case. They ended up settling because it was cheaper than going to court. But if I had been allowed to keep my dog until the case was over, and had been allowed to have justice by going to court to prove my dog’s innocence, I would still have him today!

The insurance companies are only out to get our money. They don’t care about what is right!!!! Thanks for the great web sight. [name omitted] ” Something to think about.