Now I’ve Seen Everything

By Lynn –

Oh, the things I shouldn’t run into on the internet. Even a discussion between radical pure-positive trainers versus the likes of Lou Castle and Denis Carthy sounds more intelligent than this. At least things like that still leave us a choice in which direction to go. Same church, different pew…

Behold the Apocalypse.

Scratching your head yet? Is your palm placed squarely on your forehead? Don’t stop just yet, you simply must take a gander at the whole plan! Care to read about David Pearce, the guy who thinks this should be new New Way?

One of my favorite movies deals with a very similar topic.

“Libria: I congratulate you. At last, peace reigns in the heart of man. At last, war is but a word whose meaning fades from our understanding. At last, we are home.

“Libirians, there is a disease in the heart of man. It’s symptom is hate; it’s symptom is anger; it’s symptom is rage; it’s symptom is war. The disease is human emotion.

“But Libria, I congratulate you, for there is a cure for this disease. At the cost of the dizzying highes of human emotion, we have suppressed its abysmal lows. And you, as a society, have embraced this cure: Prozium. Now we are at peace with ourselves, and humankind is one. War is gone; hate, a memory. We are our own conscience now, and it is this conscience that guides us to rate EC-10 for emotional content, all those things that might tempt us to feel again and destroy them. Librians, you have won against all odds, and your own natures. You have survived!”

But let us elaborate on the cure for human emotion…

“Prozium – The great nepenthe. Opiate of our masses. Glue of our great society. Salve and salvation, it has delivered us from pathos, from sorrow, the deepest chasms of melancholy and hate. With it, we anesthetize grief, annihilate jealousy, obliterate rage. Those sister impulses towards joy, love, and elation are anesthetized in stride, we accept as fair sacrifice. For we embrace Prozium in its unifying fullness and all that it has done to make us great.”

Predation and the entire range of human feeling, both positive and negative, are not EC-10-worthy.

The Abolitionist Project is.