Obnoxious Great Dane

Thank you for the advice outlined in your book and tapes. It has helped to speed up the training of our dog. We have a Great Dane (Bogart) that is 10 months-old. He is a very sweet and loving dog but still shows occasional signs of aggressive in that he will want to bark and jump back and forth towards you in a very rough manner of grabbing and playing.

It is not a threatening gesture but since he is a very large dog, playing rough is not acceptable. I have immediately and consistently tugged his collar and said, “No.” Now all I have to do is stand up and say, “No” and take a step towards him and he will stop and lie down. However, if I just say, “No!” he will continue. The situation is even worst for my wife who he outweighs and is taller than her when he stands up.This also only seems to happen in the evening. What do you think I should do? Thanks for your help -WG Jellum Dear Jellum:

#1: Are you using the pinch collar?

#2: You are making a big mistake by getting up and moving towards the dog and then not following through with the correction. Any time the dog exhibits a negative behavior, he must receive a correction REGARDLESS OF WHAT HE DOES AFTER THE BEHAVIOR. This is a big reason you are not letting the success you are seeking. In the dog’s mind, you’re not being consistent.

#3: Find a taller wife. (Just kidding.)