On a VERY Simple Test You can do at home…

By Lynn –

Yes, it’s simple, it’s easy, free, and will tell you TONS as to whether or not your dog will take to a headcollar/halter-style product!

Place your hand over your dog’s muzzle, hold it there for a second or two and then remove it. Does your dog let you do this? If yes, move on to the next step…

Place your hand over your dog’s muzzle and keep it there as long as possible.

How long can you ride the bucking bronco before you get nipped off? Or if your dog isn’t a bronco, how long can you sit there while your dog simply shuts down and doesn’t move a muscle?

Moral of the story: If your dog can’t even set still with your HAND on his muzzle right under his eyes (where the noseband fits), why do some people (maybe even you?) complain about how “Oh he doesn’t like it” and expect a dog to tolerate that constant pressure without trying to buck it off like he does your hand?

Ever dog I’ve tried this on who comes into the store whose owner asks about pulling on the leash has failed this simple test with epic proportions.

Something’s not right when, if a dog won’t submit to a human hand on its muzzle, we expect it to submit to a noseband.