On Dog Jobs Part Drei/Trois/Tres/etc

By Lynn –

Just got offered a job in pet retail, just FYI…so if I ever get another call from PetsMart, I’ll probably turn them down. They probably have other applicants that will give more to their program than I could 🙂

It’s a locally-owned, pretty small company and they’re very good with policies and whatnot, and I start tomorrow. I’m excited just to have a job, but knowing that I’ll be working with other animal-lovers is even better. And of course, it’s not the dream job of working in the university vet clinic as an assistant or pooper-scooper, but it’s a start AND the current manager is a horsey person too in the same school I’m taking continuing education classes from! I’ll mostly keep blogs about work to a minimum unless something really good/sad/funny comes around.