On something extremely pathetic…

By Lynn –

Took me a minute on what to call this blog.
I don’t think it’s “sad,” I don’t think it’s really “pathetic” even. I believe it’s just plain wrong and against all better judgment, and the vet that recommended this should have something done to him/her that really takes him/her down in the eyes of his/her colleagues.

A woman came into the store the other day with a cute little dog, about Sheltie sized (but not a Sheltie) on a Flexi lead. My first note was that the dog was also wearing a head halter.

Great, two of the things I hate on one dog at the same time.

Didn’t really get a chance to talk to her until she was checking her items out and paying, and I asked her (nicely, of course, it’s good to gather information before I go stabbing it through it’s collective vitals) if she knew that she had an anti-pulling device on her dog and was also using a device that promotes pulling away from her. That’s pretty much all I got to say until she left the store, because I was given this explanation and, because I’ve learned what I can say to what types of people, really couldn’t say what I wanted to…

“My vet recommended that I do this because my dog is a bit aggressive, and this would keep me in control of her.”

First: You have an aggressive dog and you’re giving it 26 feet of freedom instead of keeping it right next to you so it CAN’T go after another dog?

Second: You’re letting your dog have the freedom to RUN (and gain momentum) to another dog while you have the control of that handy little button that slams on the brakes to a cord connected by a tool to a part of the body that really shouldn’t have that kind of sudden pressure (in that small of an area) exerted upon it?

My co-workers and I just about cried for that dog. ——————- In other news, I can’t guarantee regularity of blogging much nowadays. Two jobs is taking a toll on me, both socially and personally, so bear with me and I’ll get relevant stuff up here as I can.