One Week Of A Private Dog Training Seminar

By Suzi Jones –

Not that I am giving it, but more so that I am taking one with a very well known German police K-9 trainer. 1 week of private instruction of 2 hours each day and also he invited me to work my dogs at his dog club (To be truth full it is the thought of having to work my dogs at a strange dog club that makes me VERY WORRIED and NERVOUS).

This trainer I am booking with travels the world just to teach police department squads how to work and train their dogs. When I first contacted him I got the feeling of maybe I was a little over my head as far as MY skill level and what this trainer is use to working with. Not to mention I tried to speak to him in German and he asked me to please speak English (Wow this was not good for my EGO or better wording would be confidence level. As most Germans are amazed that I taught myself to almost speak fluently) But different dialect being he is in north Germany so they speak with a harder sound Like ICK compared to ISH.
Anyway I took the second step today and called him back as instructed the first week of September so I could book a week for the end of the month. Today’s conversation went much better and he really gave me the feeling that despite 2 different dog clubs saying she (Hella) is not good material because she is too nervous (And the boxer club loving her) that Hella’s faults will be an easy fix.

He of course asked me about Uly, and the only thing I could come up with to work on Uly with his was Uly’s blind search. “O.k. I will have a look when you come here he says”

That was not the only big blind leap I made today. I had a call form a lady wanting to get her dog bathed.
“Where did you hear about me?” I ask.

“From the Internet” she says

“Really how?

She says, “I typed in dog grooming Mannheim and up came your web site.” Ah KOOL I thought as I have had a few people write me E-mails and call concerning dog boarding and training and they said they found me on the Internet. But this was not the big blind leap.

On the same page as mine was another web site one that I have known about for quite some time he has been in business for some time. I took notice of his terrier grooming years ago and thought today what harm to call and see if I could maybe take a learning day with him to learn some tips for better styling.
Unfortunately he said he does not give any seminars, and this is the confusing part, he took my number and said, “I will call you next week, I will call you next week”, not for something (this is what I did not understand) but for something (This I did not understand also). Am I in trouble? Did I just sell myself into some illegal activities? Gosh I hope not as that will not go over too good with the German police trainer!
So of course to be continued as I get more information