Owning A Large-Breed Dog And Losing Your Home-Owner’s Insurance Policy

All I can clearly remember is that I kept screaming, “It’s Dog Racism! It’s Dog Racism!”

The talk radio interviewer who was hosting a morning-drive radio show from Sacramento, questioned, “Then why are the big insurance companies dropping home owner’s insurance for people who keep large breed dogs???” “Dog Racism!” was my reply, again.

“It doesn’t matter that Springer Spaniels bite more kids every year than any other large “protection” breed in existence. If you’re going to discriminate against certain types of dogs… AT LEAST discriminate against dogs that are poorly bred, poorly socialized and poorly trained!!!”

It doesn’t matter that the recorded number of accidental bites by large-breed dogs that are properly trained and titled in Schutzhund (a civilian police dog sport where dogs are trained to bite… as well as follow a track and handle advanced obedience exercises) is so infinitesimally small, that it’s hard to document. So obviously, it’s not an issue of dogs that are PROPERLY trained to bite, going off like a stick of dynamite! The real issue is:

1.) A lack of dog owner responsibility. (Dogs with poor breeding, poor temperament and no training being allowed to wander out through a gate irresponsibly left open!)

2.) Poor breeding (usually the case with the Springer Spaniel in that there are simply too many poorly bred Springer Spaniels being kept as pets).

3.) Improper socialization

4.) Low quality diet.

5.) The ever-present media stereo-type. The truth of the matter is that– as I’ve said here before many times– when a Rottweiler or a Pit Bull bites somebody… it’s BIG NEWS! But when a Springer Spaniel bites someone… NOBODY CARES!!!