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Hi, I'm Adam G. Katz, the publisher of DogProblems Magazine. Our goal is to help you develop a more satisfying relationship with your dog and to safely and effectively stop problem dog behaviors.

"Why Should You Listen To Me?"

I've been a professional dog trainer since 1992 and have been the publisher of since around 1997.
At one point we were the #1 dog training website on Google, Yahoo, and several others. Our free weekly dog training tips newsletter was read by over 65,000 dog owners. I feel blessed to have played a small role in helping so many dog owners transform their dogs into enjoyable companions.
We've been featured in countless magazines, TV and radio interviews. I used to keep track of them but lost interest.
I've personally written over 30 books on the art and science of raising and training dogs-- some of them still available today at
I've owned three successful dog training companies over the years and tens of thousands of dog owners have benefited from our online magazine and from our books, articles (see below) and dog training videos. I've also helped countless professional dog trainers get their local dog training businesses started.

"Why Did You Retire From Dog Training?"

My goal has always been to help as many dog owners as possible. The past few years I've been retired from actively training and have instead focused on helping other professional dog trainers to grow their dog training businesses.

Over the years of promoting, I've developed mastery in the realm of pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads/Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, etc...)

And to be honest-- I had grown tired of answering the same dog training questions... again and again.

So-- please forgive the slightly chaotic organization of this website at the moment. It's a work in progress after years as an online subscription website. I'm trying to put as many resources online as possible. And all free for you to access.

Dog Training Articles

Most of these articles were written by myself and contributing writers and editors over the past twenty+ years.

How The Rottweiler Got Replaced By The Donkey and the Train

Driving cattle was the Rottweiler’s main historic function.. But Rottweilers had another historic job besides driving cattle to the butcher, and it is the same job that the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Bernese Mountain Dogs (also in the Working group) are best known for. You see, like their Swiss cousins, Rottweilers are drovers that …

How The Rottweiler Got Replaced By The Donkey and the Train Read More »

Does Your Dog Have Allergies?

Constant scratching, tail-chasing, coughing and wheezing, eye and nose discharges – if these symptoms can be observed on your pet dog, chances are very likely that he/she is suffering from allergies. Yes, dogs, just like their masters can suffer from allergies. Roughly about 20 percent of the dogs living in our homes suffer from some …

Does Your Dog Have Allergies? Read More »

What is Canine Distemper?

  Canine distemper is a serious disease caused by a highly contagious virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of dogs. The virus also infects foxes, wolves, coyotes, raccoons and other wild animals in the canine family. Juvenile dogs are most prone to infection. Older dogs can also be infected although with much …

What is Canine Distemper? Read More »

What is Kennel Cough?

  Kennel cough or infectious tracheobronchitis is a common and highly communicable respiratory disease in dogs. The disease is characterized by a dry, hacking cough that sounds as if something is lodged in the dog’s throat, and can be quite forceful that its leads to retching or heaving. Healthy dogs can easily acquire the disease …

What is Kennel Cough? Read More »

Dental Hygiene for Dogs

  Dental hygiene is important beyond having healthier teeth for dogs. Gum and teeth infection, broken teeth or tooth loss, and related periodontal problems involving connective tissue in the dog’s mouth can lead to bacteria making its way into the pet’s bloodstream. This can lead to infection of the heart, lungs, liver, intestinal tract, kidney …

Dental Hygiene for Dogs Read More »

Eliminating Heartworm

Studies show that all 50 US states have reported cases of heartworm infection, a condition that can affect all dogs regardless of sex, age or habitat. The highest incidence for dogs not taking preventive medicine rises to a high of 45%, including areas from the Gulf of Mexico to New Jersey, while some areas record …

Eliminating Heartworm Read More »

"Do You Recommend Professional Dog Trainers?

Yes! We (myself and my group of lowly paid contributors and editors) regularly take a vote based on who this site recommends.

Some of these dog trainers are my friends. Others are friends and clients of my "Done For You" Dog Trainer Marketing service. Others I've never met personally but I'm familiar with their work. The professional dog training industry is a small community. Word gets around.

Note: I do recommend some of my clients. If that turns you off, then don't call them. All I can tell you is that I don't work with or promote dog trainers who I don't believe in.

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