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Hi, I'm Adam G. Katz, the publisher of DogProblems Magazine. Our goal is to help you develop a more satisfying relationship with your dog and to safely and effectively stop problem dog behaviors.

"Why Should You Listen To Me?"

I've been a professional dog trainer since 1992 and have been the publisher of since around 1997.
At one point we were the #1 dog training website on Google, Yahoo, and several others. Our free weekly dog training tips newsletter was read by over 65,000 dog owners. I feel blessed to have played a small role in helping so many dog owners transform their dogs into enjoyable companions.
We've been featured in countless magazines, TV and radio interviews. I used to keep track of them but lost interest.
I've personally written over 30 books on the art and science of raising and training dogs-- some of them still available today at
I've owned three successful dog training companies over the years and tens of thousands of dog owners have benefited from our online magazine and from our books, articles (see below) and dog training videos. I've also helped countless professional dog trainers get their local dog training businesses started.

"Why Did You Retire From Dog Training?"

My goal has always been to help as many dog owners as possible. The past few years I've been retired from actively training and have instead focused on helping other professional dog trainers to grow their dog training businesses.

Over the years of promoting, I've developed mastery in the realm of pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads/Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, etc...)

And to be honest-- I had grown tired of answering the same dog training questions... again and again.

So-- please forgive the slightly chaotic organization of this website at the moment. It's a work in progress after years as an online subscription website. I'm trying to put as many resources online as possible. And all free for you to access.

Dog Training Articles

Most of these articles were written by myself and contributing writers and editors over the past twenty+ years.

The Breeding Process For Your Puppies

Once you have everything set up, you can begin to actually do the breeding process for your puppies.  Again ,make sure that the dogs you are breeding are the correct age. You want to be sure that you have waited for the right amount of time, and that the dogs you are breeding are going …

The Breeding Process For Your Puppies Read More »

Birthing Puppies

When it comes time to birth your puppies, there are a few things that you should know so that your puppies can be happy and healthy and that your mother dog will be safe. First of all, keep track of the due date. Your vet can help you with this, and so can information regarding …

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Raising Puppies When You’re A Breeder

  For the next eight weeks, you are going to be in charge of making sure that the puppies are raised correctly. It is going to be your job to make sure that the puppy training and imprinting you are providing are creating puppies that are properly socialized and healthy.   First of all, they …

Raising Puppies When You’re A Breeder Read More »

Dog Breeding: Waiting Lists and Interviews For Owners

Once you know how many puppies you have, and whether they are male or female, you will have some decisions to make as far as what you want to do with the puppies. Sometimes, you might want to keep one for yourself.   Many breeders will keep a female that they think is good for …

Dog Breeding: Waiting Lists and Interviews For Owners Read More »

Dog Breeders: Providing Puppies With New Homes

It is important for you to make sure that the puppies are old enough before you let them go to their new homes. You’ll want to wait until they are at least 8 weeks old, but also until they are fully weaned. Some breeds take longer, and some breeders like to have the puppies stay …

Dog Breeders: Providing Puppies With New Homes Read More »

Training Your Chow Chow

Your Chow Chow pup’s socialization process begins when he is still in the litter. When he is seven to eight weeks old, he gains in independence and is adventurous about his environment. Now’s the best time to bring your Chow Chow pup home. In the next fortnight, he will begin to be easily frightened and …

Training Your Chow Chow Read More »

"Do You Recommend Professional Dog Trainers?

Yes! We (myself and my group of lowly paid contributors and editors) regularly take a vote based on who this site recommends.

Some of these dog trainers are my friends. Others are friends and clients of my "Done For You" Dog Trainer Marketing service. Others I've never met personally but I'm familiar with their work. The professional dog training industry is a small community. Word gets around.

Note: I do recommend some of my clients. If that turns you off, then don't call them. All I can tell you is that I don't work with or promote dog trainers who I don't believe in.

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