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Hi, I'm Adam G. Katz, the publisher of DogProblems Magazine. Our goal is to help you develop a more satisfying relationship with your dog and to safely and effectively stop problem dog behaviors.

"Why Should You Listen To Me?"

I've been a professional dog trainer since 1992 and have been the publisher of since around 1997.
At one point we were the #1 dog training website on Google, Yahoo, and several others. Our free weekly dog training tips newsletter was read by over 65,000 dog owners. I feel blessed to have played a small role in helping so many dog owners transform their dogs into enjoyable companions.
We've been featured in countless magazines, TV and radio interviews. I used to keep track of them but lost interest.
I've personally written over 30 books on the art and science of raising and training dogs-- some of them still available today at
I've owned three successful dog training companies over the years and tens of thousands of dog owners have benefited from our online magazine and from our books, articles (see below) and dog training videos. I've also helped countless professional dog trainers get their local dog training businesses started.

"Why Did You Retire From Dog Training?"

My goal has always been to help as many dog owners as possible. The past few years I've been retired from actively training and have instead focused on helping other professional dog trainers to grow their dog training businesses.

Over the years of promoting, I've developed mastery in the realm of pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads/Adwords, Facebook, Youtube, etc...)

And to be honest-- I had grown tired of answering the same dog training questions... again and again.

So-- please forgive the slightly chaotic organization of this website at the moment. It's a work in progress after years as an online subscription website. I'm trying to put as many resources online as possible. And all free for you to access.

Dog Training Articles

Most of these articles were written by myself and contributing writers and editors over the past twenty+ years.

Teaching Your Golden Retriever To Accept The Leash

  All dogs need to accept the restraints of a leash and this can be hard for some puppies. If your Golden is frightened by the leash as a puppy, he may resent the leash for the rest of his life. Therefore you may want to introduce the leash in a non-threatening manner. Soon after …

Teaching Your Golden Retriever To Accept The Leash Read More »

Introducing Your Golden Retriever Puppy To The Car

  Many puppies are afraid of the car because they associate riding in the car with scary things. After all, it was the car that took him away from his mom and littermates and itis the car that takes him to the veterinarian’s office where bad things happen. Of course you don’t want your puppy …

Introducing Your Golden Retriever Puppy To The Car Read More »

Teach Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Be Handled, Socially

Because your puppy cannot care for himself, you must be able to brush him, pull burrs and sticks out of his coat, clean his ears, and trim his nails. This is where puppy training comes into play. Unfortunately your Golden puppy doesn’t understand that brushing and cleaning him is necessary and he may struggle and …

Teach Your Golden Retriever Puppy To Be Handled, Socially Read More »

Obedience Training and Your Golden Retriever

  Training your Golden Retriever doesn’t happen overnight as it is a process. You can’t just tell your dog to sit and expect him to do it. Until he has been taught what the word ‘sit’ means, it is merely an unfamiliar sound. To confuse training even more, he has no idea why you would …

Obedience Training and Your Golden Retriever Read More »

Teaching Your Golden Retriever The Sit and Release

The sit command sets the basic foundation for everything else you will teach your Golden Retriever. When your dog learns to sit and be still, he is also learning to control himself. Learning self-control is a very tough lesson for many young Goldens as being still is simply not built in their genetic code. However, …

Teaching Your Golden Retriever The Sit and Release Read More »

Teaching Your Golden Retriever The Sit and Stay

  By teaching your Golden to sit and to lie down, you taught him to move into those positions and to hold still until you released him. The stay command builds on those exercises by teaching your dog to continue to hold still for gradually increasing times as you move away from him. Eventually your …

Teaching Your Golden Retriever The Sit and Stay Read More »

"Do You Recommend Professional Dog Trainers?

Yes! We (myself and my group of lowly paid contributors and editors) regularly take a vote based on who this site recommends.

Some of these dog trainers are my friends. Others are friends and clients of my "Done For You" Dog Trainer Marketing service. Others I've never met personally but I'm familiar with their work. The professional dog training industry is a small community. Word gets around.

Note: I do recommend some of my clients. If that turns you off, then don't call them. All I can tell you is that I don't work with or promote dog trainers who I don't believe in.

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