Part Four: The Adventure Of Moving

By Leah & Mommy –

As I sit here at Robinson Point Campground (just outside of Mountain Home, AR), typing my journal, I can’t help but think about how my life has really changed, and I’m still a puppy with many years ahead of me. Anyways, let’s get back to before we arrived to Robinson Point.

It’s now mid March and I really like the weather down here in the valley, warm sunny days. But now it’s getting time for something to happen. Mommy and daddy keep hugging their friends, and mommy would get a little tearful from time to time. I wasn’t sure what was happening. Then one day our home became smaller and smaller, the truck was now somehow hooked to our new home.

Before I knew it, I’m sitting in the middle between my mommy & daddy, riding down the road, with our house following us! What the heck was this all about?!?! We would occasionally make stops to walk a little and do any other business.

We finally stopped at a place that my parents called Wright Patman Lake and we still haven’t left the state of Texas. The ground is way different and the air smells different as well. The campground is busy and there are miniature people that want to run up and pet me, but I’m really not sure about these little people. While outside I have found a new toy to play with and I have discovered it I move my feet back and forth, the dirt moves! Hey this is really fun, I could stay here all day and be entertained.

But Mommy says that I’m a dirty pup and I need a bath now! They yell at me to stop digging, but I just look at them as if I didn’t do anything wrong; well I didn’t, did I?

Once again, our home becomes smaller and the truck is pulling it behind us.
The more we kept driving, the chillier it started to get! Don’t they know that I hate cold weather!? I loved the warm sun down in Texas and I want to go back to my best friend, I already miss her! Now comes the rain and I’m forced to go potty outside and get wet! I hate the rain as much as I hate the cold!! The rain seemed to have never stopped. Why couldn’t I just to inside my home; where it was warmer and drier.

Well I think we are finally to our destination, but I’m stuck most of the day sitting in the truck. It seems that my parents have a serous problem and I’m really not sure what’s going on. The rain finally had stopped, but man is it chilly, anyways I finally figured out what has happen. I guess our truck and home got stuck in mud, because of all the rain and they can’t get it unstuck. It takes all day long and with help from someone else, our home is once again in a spot and all set up.

We check out our new place and I have decided that this maybe not be so bad, lots of wooded area to go and explore! There are also other types of animals around, I want to go and check them out! Never fear, I’m sure I will “escape” and go exploring on my own!

Well next time I will tell you about my adventures here at Robinson Point and my escapes, including my recent one that actually had me scared (and my mommy and daddy too).