Part Three-My New Best Friend

By Leah & Mommy –

Boy is I ever tired; I have had such a busy week! My Aunt Susie and Uncle Ron and their cat, Smokey (which don’t like me very well) came here for a visit!! Like I said, my Auntie is not so bad, but I’m still just not sure about my uncle. My mommy and daddy want me to be nice to him, I just don’t know. When I was much smaller, he played a game on me, that startled me and I just haven’t forgiven him just yet for that&.he really isn’t a bad guy and I know he likes me (and I do like him, but shhhh; don’t tell him that).

But let’s get back to the beginning of my adventure with my new parents. The training of going for walks, and potting outside is going okay. I loved my walks and my daddy would even go for a short run with me. I got to meet a lot of new people; which I just don’t know about yet. I also got to meet other puppies like me and I found that they were pretty cool to play with.

I became fast best friends with a pup named Susie (no, not my Auntie), she was small like me, and a year older. I guess she is what they call a York-A-Pooh (what ever that means&.) I would love to go to their place (which was much bigger than our home) and we would run and run and run. Then we would romp around with each other. We were told that we sounded like a small herd of elephants when we would play. Sometimes Susie wouldn’t eat all of her dinner, and they would forget to put it out of my reach, so naturally I had to eat if before it would spoil!

I got to where I really liked Susie’s Mommy, Billie. She is so sweet to me and she even lets me jump and play on their golf cart. Susie’s daddy, Perky isn’t too bad either. He wore hearing aids and I like to lick on them because they would make a different noise.

It got to the point that whenever we would go for walks, I wanted to stop and tell my new found friends Hi and play a little, but mommy and daddy said that we couldn’t always stop. I started to throw a little temper tantrum and whimper, but it didn’t work. Mommy would just pick me up and tell me no. Humans-they sure can be spoil sports&