Part Two of My Story

By Leah & Mommy –

Okay I’m back. I know it took me a few days to get back, but hey I’m a puppy with lots of things to do, like play, eat, sleep, eat, train, play, and eat&and so on. Now let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, I just got done telling you about my adventure on the airplane and coming to my new mommy & daddy.

As I was telling you, my new home sure wasn’t what a new puppy would expect. I guess humans would call my new home a 5th wheel; basically home on wheels (this could turn interesting) I wasn’t inside my new home for 5 minutes when once again my daddy tries to choke me to death a second time!! He was putting this red thing around my neck and I didn’t want any part of it!

I sure try my best to “escape”, but he was so much bigger than me. And the whole time, my mommy was laughing and awing-what strange people they are!!

Well, as you know, I lost the battle with the red thing, as I learn now that’s it’s just a collar and it won’t hurt me on bit. But now, my mommy puts this rope thing at the end of my collar and takes me back outside. I didn’t know what the heck they were expecting out of me. I’m just a scared little puppy. First they want me in, then they want me out-can’t they ever make up their minds?

Before I knew it, I got to meet yet some more people. The lady wasn’t so bad, and she is now my Auntie and I really like her. But when it comes to my Uncle, well, I just don’t know what to think of him; it’s going to take me time to get to know him.

Now it’s just back to my mommy and daddy and I guess they wanted me to just stay in one area of this small house. They put up this little fence, so that I couldn’t go very far. Well, I showed them that nothing was going to keep me in one spot!!

I mastered that fence that very night and checked out the rest of my new home! I don’t need to tell you who won that battle.

Here comes our first night sleeping. I’m put in this kennel; but this one is different than the one I traveled in. It’s much smaller and hardly any room to do much in. They put the kennel (and me) next to their bed. I started to whimper, because I was so scared. The next thing I knew, daddy told mommy to scoot over and I got to join them in the bed, with the kennel. Well, I just gave my daddy my saddest looking face and it must have worked, because to this day, I still sleep in the middle with both my parents-with no kennel!

I have to learn what they expect out of me and they have to learn what I expect out of them. They won the battle with the collar and leash, and I eventually learned that I’m to go outdoors to do my potty business. And they have learned that I just love toys with squeakers, bones, anything good to chew on. And I expect them to hold me in their laps whenever I want to, play with me and I also remind them when it’s my feeding time-just in case they should forget. I try to always remind them a 30 minutes before each meal. But they usually win that one, and make me wait.

Mommy spends lots of quality time with me in teaching me all sorts of new tricks and I just love to act comical; it puts a smile on their face.