Puppy Excitement

I have a question regarding a specific dog behavior that I’ve seen in Gizmo and other dogs that I have owned. It occurs at a fairly young age and I describe it as “sheer exuberance” usually centered around a new toy, a new freedom, and the dog’s owner.

The dog tucks their rear down and does exaggerated runs often changing directions like its playing tag with the owner. Is this something that should be corrected or left to simply outgrow? Its not a problem except when he does this in the house (2 times); outdoors he usually settles down after a few minutes and lies at my feet. Any insight into the nature of this behavior would be helpful. Best regards,

Will Dear Will: I don’t see it as a problem. I definitely wouldn’t correct the dog for this behavior, unless there is an obnoxious component to it. Such as if he were running into furniture or jumping on your couch or crashing into your knees. Enjoy your puppy training.