Recommendations For Buying A Remote Electronic Training Collar

At the link below, you’ll find the remote electronic training collars that I recommend. It is important that a remote electronic training collar (an “e-collar” for short) have at least the following features:

– Seven levels of stimulation. You must have the flexibility to adapt the motivation of the stimulation to MATCH your dog’s temperament. Three levels of stimulation is usually not enough.

– A range that is practical for off-leash training. If the e-collar you’re using only claims to have a range of 50 yards, the reality is that– in the park– the range won’t actually reach this far. – The transmitter should be small enough to carry in your pocket.

– The manufacturer should prove itself to be in business for the long run. This is evident by excellent product support and a willingness to stand behind it’s product.

– The remote electronic training collar should have intelligent engineering. Some e-collars demonstrate a noticeable lag time from when you press the button to when the dog feels the stimulation… and so your timing (and the dog’s association) will suffer. And this means that your training results will suffer, too. The e-collars that I recommend below do not have this “stimulation lag.” Read more at: Adam’s Guide To Buying A Remote Electronic Training Collar