Response to Hexen

By Lynn –

I called PetCo last night to follow up and they said that they had already done hiring, so I wouldn’t be needed.

PersMart, however, actually has an opening for a part-time pet trainer, even better, in the store that is right next to the barn! *happy dance* I have an interview there at 3PM tomorrow, and the only question asked of me before it was set up was “Do you have experience in training?” Duh 😛 So I have to find out which ‘nice’ clothes fit me now so I don’t go in looking like a total slob! I’m actually looking forward to it, even if my philosophies are 100% different (well, I wouldn’t say “100%”…I believe in the power of positive reinforcement, I just also believe that witholding a correction because YOU don’t like them is tantamount to yank-and-crank aka ABUSE). If I word things well, hopefully they’ll take me.

I’m not out to change their minds really, I just want to make them THINK…though that in itself seems a pretty far goal sometimes!

Hexen, you have only my best wishes and I appreciate the kind words! I’ll have an update tomorrow evening or Saturday about how it went.