Rottweiler Ownership Success Secrets

“What does his Rottweiler have, that ours doesn’t?” … she whispered to her husband, horrified that their dog was lunging and pulling at the end of the leash.

I’ve heard it a thousand times, when I walk past other Rottie owners.

Hi! My name is Adam G. Katz. I’ve personally owned six of these amazing dogs over the past 17 years and I’ve supervised the training of (literally) thousands. And that’s in addition to the hands-on training of more than 250 in-person clients who paid me to do one-on-one training with their Rotts.

Look at any successful Rottweiler owner. What have they got, that others don’t?

Very little, probably. In most ways, these owners are no brighter or naturally more capable than average. Many of them probably have no more formal training or better natural aptitudes than you.

But that little extra they do have, is important. They have the special knowledge and ability for which any dog owner would be jealous– they know the facts about this breed. And they also have the confidence and self assurance which come from a deep knowledge of the history of these dogs, their traits and their health problems.

You may gain that extra, yourself. You can get that same knowledge and ability– that same confidence and self assurance if you are willing to pay the price in earnest, necessary study.

Breed enthusiasts like us have spent years developing, testing and proving this knowledge, alongside hundreds of professional breeders and kennels. What hundreds of men and women– many just like you– have done, you should be able to do with the knowledge and collective wisdom we have assembled, here too.

But you must be ambitious and willing to studying, seriously. And soon after you start putting this knowledge to good use with your companion, the results will start to show up in your own confidence and with your dog. (I was going to write, “Butchers Dog” … but I was unsure if you knew that was the name these dogs used to be called?)

For what you learn at home tonight is so practical, that often you can apply it immediately.

How much do you want success with your Rott? Can you imagine: Better obedience, a healthy dog, a deeper, more satisfying relationship? And most importantly: Playing an active roll in dispelling the negative stereotypes the media has created about this breed?