Rottweiler Puppies — Why You May Not Want To Buy One, Online

Rottweiler puppies. Is there anything cuter? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) you can’t just buy ’em off the shelf at your local Wal-Mart.

And if there’s some guy selling puppies out in the parking lot… trust me, you don’t want any.

As an intelligent individual, your search for a new companion has most likely led you to the internet. You’ve probably noticed that there is a booming business of “mail order puppies” (for lack of a better term) online.

Which is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

A search on Google reveals hundreds of web sites that will sell you a puppy, the same way you might buy a sweater online.

But buying a rottie puppy is an endeavor that requires time, persistence and effort. Exercising a little patience and research while searching for a puppy online will reward you a million times over. Trust me on this.

Good breeders spend a fortune for their stud dogs and thousands of dollars on their breeding females.

Breeding excellent dogs is a labor of love, not a labor for profit. You can’t make money breeding quality dogs, if you do it correctly. Sure, you can make money if you cut corners and run a puppy mill. But you don’t want to adopt a puppy from a puppy mill.

What does this mean to you? It means that:

Top Breeders Are In It “For The Love Of The Breed”–
And They Don’t Sell Their Puppies To Random Strangers

You better believe it.

Quality breeders care about who they’re placing their Rottweiler puppies with. It’s not uncommon for a breeder to ask you as many questions as you might ask them. A good breeder wants to make sure that the puppy is going to a good home. Especially with this breed, where the propensity to do damage if an owner isn’t 100% committed to the dog can be very high.