Rottweiler Rescue

Rottweiler rescue groups are non-profit adoption charities that cruise the local animal shelters, humane societies, and SPCAs looking for Rotties they can rescue and place in foster homes to rehabilitate. Or just to keep in a compassionate environment, until a more permanent home can be found.

Frequently, this involves addressing some health issues and fixing behavior problems.

Rottie rescue groups advertise the dogs they’ve rescued to adopters for a small fee. Usually between $80-$120. Which is a lot less than the $800-$1600 [edit: or $3,500-$4,500… depending on who you’re buying a puppy from!] you might pay a breeder. I generally recommend that prospective Rottweiler owners ignore the purchase price of a dog, as the real expense of owning this breed (veterinary bills, quality dog food, grooming, pet products) will quickly over-shadow the purchase price.

But it’s always nice to stumble upon a great dog at a bargain price and know that you’re also giving a good life to a Rottweiler that may have been “written off” at one time in his life.

Rescue groups focus on getting homeless dogs into homes– and in my experience, they are some of the most thorough in investigating you, when you apply to adopt a dog. In fact, some of them will give the FBI security clearance people a run for their money, in regard to thoroughness.

Usually, the Rott rescue people are very intimate with both the breed and the individual dog… so they have a good understanding of what type of home the dog should be placed in. (Although there are some rescue volunteers who may be over-zealous in their efforts). It’s best to have your cards stacked in a deck, before you even approach your chosen rescue organization.

Volunteers provide their dogs with a temporary home and usually the rescue organization will foot the bill for any veterinary bills that the dog might require. They also insist that the dog be neutered or spayed before being placed in a home.


It’s a big job, and let’s face it: This breed is not as easy as rescuing Chihuahuas. Rottie lovers who believe every pet has a right to live a full life in a loving home work hard to place the right dog with the right owner. And that’s an especially good reason to investigate your local Rottweiler Rescue.