Seven “Under 35” Dog Trainers To Keep Your Eye On

After publishing our last dog trainer profile article on “Seven More of The Best Dog Trainers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Before…” we received several requests to profile younger dog trainers.

Well, here’s a start:

They’ve got more skill than most dog trainers twice their age. These seven young dog trainers are going to be tomorrow’s “big names” in the field of professional dog training.

(In no particular order…)


1. Mackenzie Aeberlie


mackenzie aeberlieWhile other kids were busy hanging out at the mall and taking selfies, fourteen year-old Mackenzie Aeberlie was already mastering the art of dog training. You can only imagine how good this kid is gonna be when she’s 30!

To be fair, Mackenzie is a little older than she was in this video (I think she’s 21 or 22 now?) and is in the process of opening her own Sit Means Sit franchise in California. Imagine how great you would be if you had discovered your life’s passion at that age!! (Still probably not half as great as Mackenzie!)



2. Jennifer Hack


Jennifer HackJennifer Hack is an excellent dog trainer with a heart of gold. She’s not even thirty years-old yet and already commands the respect of many of the “old masters” in the field. She’s the real deal, and a lot of people are starting to sit up and take notice. A dog training club in Singapore even flew her to Asia recently to give a seminar! She also has an excellent “eye” for selecting and rescuing dogs.  Check out Jennifer’s web site if you’re in the Chicago area and you’re looking for a dog trainer.



3. Amanda Calderon


Amanda CalderonIf you’re a fan of Amanda’s Facebook page you can tell that she has sport dog training in her blood. (And sometimes on her shirt, too!) She has incredible passion for working some very hard temperament, difficult dogs. Yet she makes it look easy.



4. Michael Fraas


Michael Fraas“This guy has only been training dogs for three years and he’s already phenomenal,” says national police dog competition multi-year winner, Bob Campanile. “I wish I was as good as him when I was his age!”


5. Nicole Kelly


Nicole KellyNicole Kelly is the co-owner of Sublime K-9 in Tucson, Arizona. I also very much liked this video of her’s, too.  When you’ve been around the dog training profession as long as I have, you can recognize when a person has a lot of natural talent combined with hard work and proper application of technique. Nicole has it.



6.  Ashton Fitzgerald


Ashton FitzgeraldAshton Fitzgerald could be one of the best dog trainers in all of Canada, for my money. This kid has no limit to his ability. I wouldn’t be surprised if some day he trains a dog to stand up and sing, “O Canada!”

He owns a Sit Means Sit franchise in Ontario. In addition to being great with dogs, he also has a very good sense of humor. I once heard him doing “color commentary” at a Dock Dogs event and (seriously) thought they had hired a professional emcee.



7. Steve Roberts


Steve Roberts“Steve Roberts of K9 Top Performance in Reading MA is a top notch dog trainer, certified decoy, and winner of the PSA (Protection Sports Association) Nationals Level 3 in 2014 with his Dutch Shepherd, “Fosco” … and he’s under 30.”