Should I Get Dog Insurance?

Dog insurance is something more and more people are considering to cover them in the event that their dog might get involved in an attack that could lead to legal action.

This might seem strange that people should need dog insurance, particularly as we all think our own dogs are little angels but anything can happen even with the best of us. It is our duty to keep our dogs well fenced and away from possible danger where they might attack or bite a child or the postie but these things happen.

Maybe a child has just been annoying your dog and it decided to give the child a small nip, completely out of character of course but these things do happen. Or your dog might get a little over excited when you take it for a walk in a rowded park. Many of the more intelligent breeds of dogs that I mentioned in previous newsletter are very protective of their property and owners and it is not uncommon for these dogs to take a nip at someone.

It is up to you to decide whether your dog is a potential risk but if it is, dog insurance might just be what you need to save a whole lot of money in legal expenses.

There are several options that you can take and it is always best to get quotes before deciding which insurance company to use, but you can expect to pay a higher premium for certain dog breeds that are more potential for risk of a dog attack. If you have a dog that falls into these categories then it might be wise to consider dog insurance before it’s too late.  

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