Sites We Like

Of course, our site is a mega dog training compedium of some of my life’s work including texts on dog training, audio lectures and video explaining how to deal with the most common dog behavior problems.

If you’re in the Las Vegas or the Henderson, Nevada area and you’re looking for dog training in Las Vegas now you can train with Adam in person.  Check out his Las Vegas dog training web site: is a collection of resources for the professional dog training business owner, that I’ve put together over the years.  It started out as a depository for all of the marketing and business material and strategies I used with my own dog training business, but eventually grew to include tips and ideas from other dog training business owners.

Robert and his amazing dog “Meatloaf” talk about basic dog training tips at his site,

If you have a Puppy Biting Problem visit for some great content related to puppy biting behavior.

Dog Training For Aggressive Dogs has some good content, too at: [There are some good resources for dog aggression issues.]

If you’re thinking of adopting a rottweiler then, our newest site, is what you’ll want to look at.

Dogs rule at Get tons of free canine stuff – dog breed information, dogs names, dog videos, dog supplies and so much more.