Soon To Be New Puppy Mama

By Cherie –

Wow! I just noticed how long it’s been since I wrote a blog. Of course I’ve been a bit usy with a new job and all. Plus there was the minor thing about not currently having a dog. Well, that’s changing. The bitch I’ve been waiting 3 years to get a puppy from finally got pregnant and delivered 3 little bitch puppies on August 16th. Well, actually, the first one was born shortly before midnight on the 15th. The first puppy was born breach but the other two were perfectly normal deliveries. Since this was Holly’s (UKC CH. Loup Garou Christmas Bayou) first litter she wasn’t too sure of what to do with those puppies so the breeder had to start things off by breaking a small hole in the sack. But Holly soon got the idea, and has since been an excellent mother.

Puppy 1 (aka currently known as LaVerne) is the weakest of the three. She seems to not have as strong a sucking instinct or something as the others and is often pushed away from a nipple by her stronger sisters. The breeder is supplementing her nursing with eye dropper feedings every two hours.

The eyes and ears are starting to open and puppy 3’s (aka currently known as Patti) eyes are open. As soon as I get pictures of them with their eyes open, I’ll be sure and post them.

Puppy two (aka Maxine), might turn out to be a chocolate, which is acceptable in the AKC but not currently in the UKC for confirmation. I’m leaning towards 3 at this time. She seems to be the most active and precocious of the three (what in the world am I letting myself in for!? lol).

It’s been a long time since I dealt with a puppy and this will be my first toy breed that I’ve owned myself, so it will definitely be an adventure. Check out the photo page for the most recent puppy pictures. And here is the link to the breeder’s web site. It’s still a work in progress: .