The Bark Collar vs. The Prong Collar

“I just ordered bark collars for my dogs that are very vocal when they are out in the yard. What I’m wondering is will the pinch collar interfere with the bark collar?

On another note, when walking my dogs one of them leans against me a lot and I’m constantly knocking him away with my leg. Is he showing dominant behavior here?”

Adam Replies:

1. It shouldn’t interfere, however– they’re kind of redundant. You really only need to use the bark collar if the dog is alone in the yard, whereas the dog will should be wearing the prong collar if you’re WITH THE DOG in the yard. (Remember: The dog shouldn’t be wearing the prong collar if he’s not supervised.)

So, if you’re with the dog and he barks, you can correct him with the prong collar. If you’re not with him, then the prong collar should be off and he will be wearing the bark collar.

Bark Collar vs. Prong Collar

2. Usually dogs lean because it means they can push up against you AND still know where you are. What this means is: He doesn’t have to WATCH YOU (WITH HIS EYES). So, make it uncomfortable for him to lean on you: Turn into him with a left-about face turn. Use your knees to bump him in the side of the head. Step on his toes. Pull straight up on the leash just as he starts to lean. Whatever you can do to consistently make leaning against you uncomfortable. Mostly, just bein unpredictable (left about, right about, slow walk to running) will be enough to break the behavior, if you do it consistently.