The Day After Thanksgiving

By Cherie –

Well, we are all still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner. Both dogs living with me now belong to my friend and housemate, Trish. Jamie is a Cockapoo and Joy is the rescue Yorkie that I think I told you all about before. Trish is definitely not the Alpha and sometimes the dogs, especially Jamie who tends to get into things, drive me crazy. But, there’s just so much I can do. Good thing Jamie’s cute (LOL). And neither dog is really totally out of control. So things could be much worse.

One semi-sad note. I have to wait a bit longer to get my Toy Fox Terrier pup. Two different, experienced breeders felt two pups but when Holly was x-rayed there weren’t any. She’ll be back in heat in March or April and will be bred again then (AI or natural). This will give me time to remember my Greek for her commands.