The Easy Way To Train Your Puppy To “Sit”

At the beginning of the [training->dog training] , your puppy should be wearing a flat or rolled leather collar. Keep the leash handy but begin with it off. Start the training indoors and avoid distractions.

The simplest way to teach your puppy to sit is to hold a toy above his head, or just snap your fingers while you say “Sit!” If he does not sit to look at your hand, gently seat him by placing one hand lightly on his rump and your other hand under his chin. Gently lift his head and lower his rump as if he was looking up at your hand and say “Sit.” Immediately praise him.

Repeat the command “Sit”, trying once again to get him to look up at your hand and seat himself. Sometimes, it is just a matter of holding the object in the right spot to get your puppy to sit. When he does, praise him and release by saying “Free.” Try this a few more times and have him sit in a different spot each time. End your session by saying “Free” and playing his favorite game.

Practice the “Sit,” both on and off leash two to three times a day for about five minutes at a time… always indoors.  What we’re doing here is building an association to the word sit which will be used later, when the dog an adolescent (4-6 months) and we can begin formal obedience training.

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