The Electronic Dog Fight Stopper!

These electronic devices were first developed for the women’s personal defense market. But the one’s I use were selected specifically for their use in stopping and preventing dog fights. (I look for the ones that make a loud, crackling noise).

I first heard about these from Pit Bull Schutzhund Competitor Dan Guerra. Dan always had a problem with stray dogs running up to his dog (which he always kept on leash) during his nightly walk. After obtaining an electronic device/stun gun (not the taser, which shoots out probes!) Dan found that all he had to do was press the button, and the electrical current which shot between the two probes was enough to scare off any dog that approached him!

In other words… he didn’t even need to get close to the dog!

It’s my guess that these things emit a super high frequency sound wave which crackles and pops and scares the bejeevers out of practically any dog! It wasn’t until about a year later when I saw one of these things in action.

A client I’d just signed wanted me to see how seriously her two dogs would play with each other one minute, and then get into a very deadly fight the next. And the only thing that stopped them was her Electronic Dog Fight Stopper! And boy did it! Both dogs stopped dead in their tracks, and immediately disengaged and ran in opposite directions!

Now, anytime I introduce two new dogs, or if I’m in an area where dogs are running free and I don’t want them interacting with my dog Forbes… my handy Electronic Dog Fight Stopper is never far away!

The Electronic Dog Fight Stopper is a product YOU MUST HAVE if you’re a:

– Jogger

– Dog Park Enthusiast

– Professional Dog Handler

– Owner of an Aggressive Dog

– Dog Trainer

– Mail Delivery Person

The Electronic Dog Fight Stopper uses one pc 9 volt Battery. You can find these at your local gun store, or frequently at hardware stores. Just ask to see their selection of stun guns, and then pick the one that makes the most noise!!!