The Run Away Pooch

By Leah Kay –

Running in the Woods

I want to share with you my adventures in running in the woods.

Part one:

We got to Robinson Point Campground about the middle of March. Man! I don’t think I have seen so many trees and wildlife. When I was flown down to Mission TX, I was living inside the city, with lots of vehicles and other dogs (some really nice ones, and some not so nice). Now I’m stuck out in the middle of nowhere; boy am I going to have fun exploring the wooded area around me! I wonder what mishcief I can find and what kind of playmates I will have here.

While down in TX, I did get away a few times, and I wouldn’t let my daddy get me, but when mommy called, I would just jump into her arms, for I knew she would protect me. Now that I’m getting older and have a new adventure, well, we will just have to wait and see…

the first time I got away, I just ran around the outside of our camper, just seeing how far I really could run, but I didn’t wonder far and I always came right to my mommy (and occassionally daddy). Then one day while out for our usual evening walk, Mommy thought that since I wasn’t wondering too far from home, she would let me loose and see if I would stick around.

Well naturally I was in a curious mood that night, and instead of heading for our home, I went straight for the woods! I kept on going, and going, the farther I went, the more woods there was, and such different smells. Oh, I just didn’t know which way I should go!

I finally heard the frantic note in my mommy’s voice, so I thought that I should come back to her. I don’t want her to think that I don’t love her. But I sure would love to come back here again and check out this area some more.

Any chance after that I could either sneak out, or get away, I ran for the woods! There was so much to check out, that I didn’t want just stick around our home anymore.

Once again, right after my parents got home, and they were carrying groceries and mommy didn’t close the door, so I took the oppurtunity and snuck out!

It started to rain, and as I went in the woods the one way, Mommy would try to follow me, but then I would come out a different way. We did this for about half an hour, and then I started to get a little wet (and tired), so when mommy shook my treat container, I came a runnin’.

What I don’t get, is I was out just having fun, not doing anything wrong, and I got put in my kennel for a bit that day! Parents-they sure are spoil sports and don’t know how to have fun!

Oh, that’s not the end of my running into the woods, but the best part has to wait for now. Mommy thinks it’s time for some one on one with me (which I really love), I guess we might go for a walk or maybe learn some new tricks, or learn how to behave (Yuck, I hate that part). Until next time….Have a Ruff day!!!

Part Two:

Things sure are starting to change around here! Leaves are falling and I LOVE to play in them and chase them when the wind blows. But I don’t dare to run away too far from my mommy or daddy anymore. On that note, let me finish telling you about my run-away event. The one that scared not only my parents but me as well.

My Aunt Susie and Uncle Ron have been touring Colorado and Utah, and instead of heading back home to Minnesota, they decided to come all the way here to visit me (okay, and my parents, too). On their last day stay, they wanted to go on our hiking trail, and then play in the lake in the afternoon.

That morning, was just a bit chilly, so mommy put on my little blue dress, and because I was going along for the hike, they didn’t want me to pull them all the way, so mommy put on my gentle lead, and of course I had on the leash. I guess to keep me in line….

It was around 9:00am and we started down the road towards the hiking trail. All of sudden I realized that Mommy didn’t have a hold of me any longer, and I was free to run in the woods! All the wonderful smells and my curiosity just got the best of me.

Mommy and daddy, and Uncle Ron, and Aunt Susie, well they were all yelling at me to come back, but I found something to track and I just couldn’t let it go until I found out what it was! The farther I went, the farther I was going into the woods.

Mommy wasn’t too worried at first, because she knew once I checked out what I was tracking, I would be home…well one hour turned into two, three….and so one.

I knew that everyone was out looking for me, for I could hear them. But I couldn’t let them know where I was. I just hoped they would soon find me. Every now and then I could hear the desperation in my mommy’s voice, but again, I just couldn’t let her know where I was.

the three hours turned into four, five, and before long I was now missing in action for more than ten hours. Didn’t they know that I couldn’t answer them and that I was caught. Why haven’t they found me by now. At one point my was so close to me, I could hear her cry, but she couldn’t hear me crying as well.

By suppertime, I was really getting hungry, and I could hear other people hollowing my name, but I just couldn’t let anyone know where I was. Well, I sure was hungry, thirsty and SCARED! I started to let out small little wimpers, in hopes someone would hear me; but no one came for me.

Darkness fell, and now I’m REALLY SCARED!! Oh, I just don’t know how much longer I can stay out here without the comfort of my mommy and daddy. Once again, I could hear my daddy yelling for me and again, I try my best to make any kind of noise that I could. I eventually could let out a quick yip; but it sure was hard because of that stupid gentle lead around my face.

Now I can hear my mommy again, and I try once again to let them know where I’m at. Now I hear nothing-where have they gone? Didn’t they hear me? Don’t they know that I’m so caught up on some branches and I can barely move? Don’t they know I’m cold, lonely, hungry, thirsty, and AFRAID!?!? Oh, I hope they don’t give up on me just yet!!

Well around 9:30 that night, I can now hear both of my parents and my Aunt & Uncle! I see flashlights moving all around me. Maybe if I put what energy I have left and try my best to yip-they might find me!

Wait daddy! Don’t go that way-you will fall into the lake-I’m back this way!! YES!! He hears me, He sees me!!! Now he and my uncle have to figure out how to get into all this low brush and get me out of this mess.

Next thing I see is my daddy crawling on his hands and knees. I’m so glad to see him! Come here and let me lick you to death!!


I’m just soooo excited to be in my daddy’s arm, and I just can’t wait to see my mommy (who I can hear her crying). I don’t know why, but daddy wouldn’t let me loose so that I could run to my mommy. But he finally reaches her and I’m safe once again in her arms!!!

Oh what an adventure that day was! I NEVER want to go through that again. We got back to the camper (our home) and I ate and drank and play and yes, I finally realized that my Uncle Ron wasn’t a bad guy after all. Mommy turns me upside down, and all around to see if I had any scraps or marks. I came out of it with out even a scratch on me!!

As for the gentle lead; well all I know is mommy never put that on me again; and I’m glad. However, mommy and daddy has bought me something else. It’s what you humans would call a “Shock Collar”….

Part Three:

Has the shock collar worked? Well duh, yeah, if I try to go for a little jaunt-I get “zapped” (ouch! Don’t they know that hurts!?!?)

Have I run away since then? Yeah, I wasn’t wearing that stupid shock collar, and I just wanted to see how far I really could go-without getting lost. I only went for a 15 minute hike into the woods. Man, was mommy mad at me! When I came back, instead of being glad, I got put in my kennel for better than an hour! I guess I won’t try that again!!

I know that when they put that shock collar on, they really aren’t out to hurt me, but just to protect me. I am learning how to stay much closer and they are now trusting me more and more. I only wear it when I’m outside and on a leash.

I started out with a 50 foot leash trailing behind me and now I’m being worked with only about a 6 foot leash. I have learned my boundary around our site and know I cannot leave without permission-even if a squirrel or deer run accross my path (oh, how tempting, though!).

Mommy has taught me how to “sit-stay” and I think she wants to teach me to lay down and stay-but I must prove a little difficult-otherwise what fun would it be for me?

I really enjoy my walks and sometimes I am let loose (with my leash trailing for now behind me) to roam just a little-but not too far, otherwise I’m reminded (by sound) that I have gone too far for their liking.

I hope you have enjoyed my story on my run-away adventures. Feel free to drop me a comment or a line.

Until the next time…