Time For A New Blog.

By Hexen –

First I want to apologize to everyone for not blogging in quite some time. Preping the house for my husbands vacation visit, then his vacation coupled with having an upper respatory virus has found 8 weeks gone by very quickly.

I find that I am getting busy with more and more grooming and training customers comming my way for business, now that is, that I decided to just start handing out my business cards and not wait for the army to finish up the red tape.

Yesterdays groom was one that would build the EGO of any person in the profession. Here is the story.

I met the owner in one of the army run stores on base handed her a business card and said give me a try (this was over 2 months ago),on another visit the owner came to me and said I think my dog has ear mites what do I do? I explained that also ear infections would cause problems and perahps a visit to the vet was inorder. Each time I ran into this lady she inquired about schduleing an appointment each time I told her to call and set up an appointment, but no E mail or call came. She did at this time tell me that her dog is very nervous and excitable on the table and quite the handfull.

To be continued……….


This past week I was at a business metting as I am getting ready to teach a pet first aid class and I ran into this lady once more. Oh I lost your card (I gave her one on each run in) and I have a groomer comming tomorrow to shave her down. But maybe I will cancel with her and book with you if you have time this week?

I almost said no but I did not stop myself in enough time and said yes I have a slot available Thursday. as I am thinking what did I get myself into with physco dog and did I have the mentality after being sick for 1 month to deal with such a dog. Oh good She say see you Thursday at 3P.M. This past month while I have been sick I have been forgetting my grooming arm ( a valuable asset to any groomer) but knowing I have a physco dog I quickly ran up 3 flights of stairs back to my appartment before driving off to retrieve the once more forgotten grooming arm.

I arrive at her house get everything set up, pop the arm into the hole attach a noose slip it over said dogs head and begin to groom. a few seconds go by and the customer says “Oh she is choking herself on that leash thing!” the dog was leaning into the noose and if she were to back up and stand normal the noose would not look as it were choking her, and thus I moved the backwards and she saw it was the dog leaning causing the “look” of the noose being too tight. I then explained to the customer that I am a groomer but also a dog trainer,and I am and firm but fair in handling of pets and I was not about to let her dog walk all over me and get it’s way during this grooming. Saying this put the owner at ease a little and she let me get on with my work.

A few more minuets and the owner says to me “the other groomers have all been dripping sweat by this point into the groom and your super relaxed and much further into the process then they have ever been.” I quickly said back “And look your dog is being behaved, not panting and stressing”. She was so pleased with seeing her dog when handled properly is not the physco monster she thought the dog was!

This day was an Ego booster! and I have 2 new customers out of the deal (as her friend wanted to also sign up with me)