To Raise A Perfect Dog, Larry Krohn Does This For The First Two Years (I Do, Too!)

Kentucky dog trainer Larry Krohn talks about what he thinks is probably the one most important thing you can do to raise a perfect dog. You simply can’t use this technique too much. It works because dogs are pack animals and derive a sense of security and well-being from small, enclosed spaces.


We’ve been using the Ruff-Tuff Kennels (available online and at Cabelas). Although we had to order a metal door attachment after one of our dogs began to chew the plastic door. We probably won’t be using any more of these crates because of that one fatal flaw. What we do like about the Ruff-Tuff Kennels is that it’s all one piece with no seams that can separate and come apart. So, if you don’t have a high drive, super destructive dog– these can work well.

We’ll probably be trying these aluminum crates in the future, though.  Better to pay once and cry once, right?