Top 10 Worst Dog Toys For Your New Christmas Puppy

Top 10 Worst Dog Toys for your Christmas Puppy1. Rawhide bones or chews:  Rawhide does not break down in a dog’s stomach apparently, so dogs have a hard time digesting and passing them. One veterinarian I talked to said that they have at least one client-a-month who they need to operate on, in order to remove a piece of rawhide that was lodged in the dog’s stomach.  Another veterinarian told me that, “In 30 years, I’ve never seen one come in with a problem.”  I have no idea why there would be such a discrepancy between veterinarians… but I’m not willing to risk it: Stick with the Kong and Nylabone products.

2. Tennis balls: The same problem as rawhide: The dogs tear them into pieces, and the pieces can get lodged in their stomach.

3.  Toys that have their eyes made of buttons or other small parts: Parts get swallowed and cause probleems.

4.  Dog Love Toy: Who the heck invented this thing?

5.  Rib bones/Chicken bones: Piece splinter and cause digestion problems.

6.  Cow and beef hooves: Too easy for dogs to fracture their teeth while chewing on these.

7.  Pig ears: Can cause pets to get an upset stomach, because they are so greasy.  They also have a tendency to get wet, soft and end up under your couch.

8.  Squeaky toys or latex toys with bells or noise makers inside:  The dogs destory the toy in an attempt to get the squeaker out… and if they’re successful, then swallow the  noisemaker.

9.  Tug Toys:  Tug toys are great… if you want to teach your dog that it’s fun and rewarding to challenge you.  (Hint: You should never teach your dog that it’s fun to challenge your authority).

10.  Rawhide Shoe Chew Toy/Foot shaped Chew Toy: Who is the genius who thought it would be a great idea to train your puppy to chew on your shoes… with his own practice shoe?