Training Collar Selection and Behavior

Judy writes: I enjoyed your website, but still need help choosing the right collar for my hard headed Jack Russell. She does go swimming to chase and catch my ducks in our pond, she chases cars, and she sometimes sneaks up behind visitors and bites them on the leg. She does not listen at all when she is so intensely concentrating on doing what she is not supposed to do…ignores us completely.

Other than being so aggravating 1/4 of the time, she is a good little dog. But, when she is bad…she is BAD! What collar would be best for such a small dog…she is not a fat Jack Russell…she runs to much for that. She is probably around 12 – 15 pounds, but I am just guessing. I want a collar that goes at least 1/2 mile. We live out in the country and she runs around our 10 acres.

Thanks so much,



Dear Judy, When choosing a training collar, the pinch collar is the best choice.

It communicates with the dog in it’s natural language, using the “teeth” of the collar similar to how an Alpha dog would correct a subordinate or a mother dog correct her puppies. The small size would probably work best for your Jack Russell terrier. By not listening to you, she is showing her disrespect of your Alpha position in the family “pack.” When you get the pinch collar, you must keep it and a leash on her all the time when supervision is available so you can correct any behaviors you don’t want.

By keeping up a regimen of tough love and obedience, you can correct her negative behaviors and don’t forget to praise her whenever she does something right. Mental stimulation is as important as physical and she will be glad to be working for you in obedience.