Training the Family

I have your book and the audio cassettes of your lectures… I thought ahead and got them when I got my puppy I also bought an electronic fence/remote collar combo. My dog is learning well…he’s now 5 months old. The fence only had to correct him once and the tone is all it takes now.

For obedience, he’s already off leash and he’s been housebroken since 8 weeks-old. He’s not the problem. It’s my family! How do I train my husband not to leave his shoes lying around if he doesn’t want them to disappear (we’re teething). And how do I teach my nephews and nieces not to do stupid things like antagonize the dog? Do you have a book on that? Thanks, Michele Dear Michele, I suppose that you mean your dog is teething? Always keep one eye on him and one eye on whatever else you’re doing.

If you can’t do this, then put the dog in a crate or kennel run so that he doesn’t learn bad behavior. As for training your family& beats the heck out of me! My father still takes the Rottweiler I bought him to the park with a pocket full of cookies. Waving the cookies at the dog and yelling, “Cookie& cookie!” I think the dumb dog now thinks his name is “Cookie” and not Bud. So& yes& I agree. Training the humans is the hard part. The dogs are easy. Might I recommend an electronic collar for your husband?